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To be Loved Chapter 3 - Spike/Cordelia Feb. 7th, 2013 @ 06:45 pm's been like 8 years since I updated this. You know. If you guys live long enough, i might just finish this story.

Title: To Be Loved
Disclaimer: See previous chapter.
Notes: Starts same night
Thanks to Squirl, who always asks me to write, and always wants it to be this story, hope I didn't dissapoint dove. maybe one day I'll be able to finish this in time
Story Premise: Post the Gift. Angel and Co go to Sunnydale in the wake of Buffy's death. There Cordelia begins to bring Spike out of his depression, while they both deal with a growing attraction to eachother.
Chapter Premise: Spike wakes from a nightmare that goes beyond the realm of dreams, while Angel contemplates the changes in his grand Childe

Previous Chapters here Here

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This is my Proposal: A poem Oct. 1st, 2008 @ 04:00 pm
Life is a business arrangement
Sex is negotiated
And love comes with terms inked in fine print
On silky lace.

Happiness is expansion in the company,
Or is it economic growth?
The two rarely go hand in hand.

Morals are policies that get constantly amended
Especially after downsizing
Which is just another word for loss.

We have mascots that we call pets,
A new one is needed after the original get’s old
And tired.

We’re buried in paperwork

And that’s not even a metaphor anymore.
How I'm Feeling: awakeawake

Two Poems Sep. 10th, 2008 @ 12:26 am

Your voice
is dark chocolate
and red wine
being poured
over hungry ears

It's just that damn tone
that's so glacier
and words spat
with emphasis

So I get cut to ribbons
enjoying my dessert.


when the credits are rolling,
I realize you're a figment of my imagination
here to torture me.

I can't bring myself to change the channel.

Damn it,
I forget my lines when we play opposites
I'm out of character when we share screen time

It disgusts us both.

Are the credits still rolling?
How I'm Feeling: discontentdiscontent

Poem. "Untitled" Aug. 28th, 2008 @ 03:35 am

But glamorous golden
non-sequiturs searching fiendishly
for billboard glory,

A futile search, indeed
for they are blind
unable to see,
you see?

Reaching with idle hands
they gouged out their third eye,
and replaced it
with Gods roving eye eye
imprisoned in slaves labor,

It's a paper eye,
and holds the same value.
Tunes: Electonica channel on TV

Fic Updated! Blood Knights in Gotham! Aug. 26th, 2008 @ 11:39 am
Blood Knights in Gotham

Readers Rock, but Reviewers Rule!

Interlude: Dominos of Purpose

Authors Note: Geez, it’s been three years hasn’t it? Sorry about that angry readers who probably want my head on a stick. Without going into to many details, I lost a much loved member of my family and the urge to write left me completely for the longest time. But as my profile said, every story will be finished. And this is where I return, Blood Knights. I hope you enjoy, and I hope you haven’t forgotten. The rest of my stories will update soon, and hopefully I’ll change my WIP’s to just regular ole’ Works.

Special Note: Thank you Squirl for your consist loyalty and friendship. Master is pleased.

BVTSNightwing. After spending what seems to be an eternity in limbo, Spike wakes up in Gotham and sets about creating a new life with a new family. Nominated at the LSA awards for Best Author, Crossover, Action, Spike As Hero, and WIP

Previous chapters ---> HERE

Interlude: Dominos of PurposeCollapse )
How I'm Feeling: annoyedannoyed
Tunes: Loud banging as people work on my roof.
Other entries
» New Story: Holy Batbullshit, Batman!. It's a parody.
Holy Batbullsh!t, Joker!

Notes: Inspired by a comment in Dallas W. brilliant “Mary Sue” fic. Even though it was inspired by the fic my fic is just fucking weird, and has scenes that no one should envision, let alone a 16 year old.
Rated: M
Genre: Parody
Fandom: The Dark Knight

Adam West and The Joker conspire to Kill Christian Bale, So Adam West can be the ultimate Batman. Also they're gay lovers.

Holy Batbullshit, Batman!Collapse )
» Sad news....R/L
So...I'm not sure how to say this as i'm not really use to talking about personal things over the net. But the short story is my Grandma passed away a few months ago. Some of you might remember that she got really sick around the time I stopped writing. I...uh, I didn't feel like writing any more to be honest. A couple of half-hearted attempts, sure. But it wasn't in me anymore. Ever since I was little my Grandma always wanted to hear my stories, and I always had a story to tell. But she's gone, and I was in bad way for a while. Now, i'm not in such a bad way anymore, but I still miss her.

That is all.

~ D
» Wanna hear a joke?

So a girl tell this guy that he has cRaZy eYes.

To which he replies, "No I don't." Shocked by the implication.

So she goes, "Yes you Do! You look like you'd either stab me or bake me cookies."

And he says, "But I don't have a knife."


Why So Serious?
» Hello all.
HI! (Waves) been gone a while, but I'm here again. Little update that probably no one will see since I'm posting at a ridiculous hour. Little bit of news, I'm half way through my update of Blood Knights in Gotham. I told everyone that i'd finish my fiction. I just didn't know it' take me three years to get back on the ball. But before I entertain with stories of glory. Some poetry.


I can’t help it,
Frozen in this moment of time
I Stutter in the presence of her

Or her mine

Even just blissfully
In the memory,

Hearing her voice
Like dark chocolate
Poured over ears,
Strained for every syllable

A delectable aroma engulfing,
A pheromone fog descending,

Smooth silky hair shining
Eager finger running through,

A four course meal of you,
I’m dying

How to achieve transcendence or peace
This happens every time you speak
I peak.
» Repost of my fic vicious beginning.
I'm reposting my fic because I want more then one review. One review makes me sad, and this is the first fic i've written in several 9 months.

Title: A Vicious beginning
Pairing: Spike/Vamp Tara, Xander/Anya.
Disclaimer: Not my characters just playing with them.
Genre: Romance/Horror
Summary: A series set in an AU season four, where Spike and his new childe/mate, Tara, rampage through sunnydale. Intent on destroying the slayer and running the hellmouth.
Chapter Summary: Spike teaches his new childe the art of sadistic fun.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, just the story.
Warning: Character death

Previous Chapters HERE

Vicious Beginning
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